A Wave of

New Energy for

Chatham County

General Election November 3, 2020

New Energy

As our new Chairman, Jason will work with stakeholders to significantly upgrade our emergency communications network and provide a more efficient way to use county resources. Jason has the energy to improve collaboration between local, state and federal governments, county officials and the community. Jason has led Tybee Island as it’s Mayor for 14 years. He knows how to balance a budget, provide long-term solutions and improve public resources – all while preventing tax increases.

Jason will implement a new system to upgrade emergency communication between the county and citizens and ensure a constant line of communication with the public during hurricanes, flooding and other emergencies.

Jason will craft a new sustainability proposal for county government which includes an expansion of solar power to promote renewable energy and added tax credits to promote clean environmental practices.

Jason will bring new energy to build on our county’s recreational facilities and provide improved parks and recreational programs for Chatham’s youth and residents.

New Ideas

New Leadership

Jason believes that our county cannot afford to go backwards. He proposes that the county take steps to move from a AA bond rating to a AAA bond rating so that taxpayers are not footing the bill for unnecessary costs. To do this, the county needs to set aside funds to ensure that it maintains 30% of its annual operating budget in its reserve funds. This can be done through intelligent long term financial planning and budgeting.

The county needs to address its long term employee health care liabilities. By taking steps to make changes to the health care coverage provided to FUTURE employees when they retire, the county will avoid maintaining its present fiscal unsustainable situation. Health care costs have crippled local governments in our country and we can’t let that happen to us.

As property values go up, the county should roll back its millage rate for all county residents and its ‘special service district’, which is the part of the county that isn’t in one of the municipalities. Not doing so amounts to a back door tax increase.

As opportunities arise for state-level decreases in the tax burden of our businesses, the chairman should work with the business community to lobby state officials to effect changes that will grow business thereby adding jobs and increasing pay for our residents. -the county should utilize zero based budgeting. This means that rather than use the prior year as a base line when it comes time to do the annual budget, that ALL expenses be fully justified by starting from ZERO. Taking this type of approach, we CAN rollback the millage, build up our fund balance to get the AAA bond rating while at the same time providing high a level of service to our residents and stakeholders.

We should work with our staff and Chatham’s Emergency Services (the non-profit that serves the County’s unincorporated areas for fire protection and for all of the county for its EMS needs) to lower property owners’ hidden cost—insurance. It is possible for county action to lead to lower these costs by improving our ISO rating and taking steps to improve our scoring on the Community Rating System (CRS) for flood insurance purposes. We did it on Tybee and can do it county-wide but it takes smart, effective and sustained leadership to make it happen.

New Solutions